About Us

Dan Tucker Auto Sales opened in for business in Birmingham, Al. on September 1, 1983, operated by Dan Tucker and his son Dink Tucker. Together they committed to specializing in high quality used vehicles, and excellent customer service. Since then Dan has retired and passed away, however Dink continues to manage the business with his son David and wife, Melissa. Now a 3rd generation business, many things have changed, however the quality of the vehicles, the integrity of salespeople, and the value of the services offered remain a constant.

The inventory at Dan Tucker Auto sales consists primarily of high quality pickup trucks, vans ,and sport utility vehicles (SUVs). The majority of vehicles come with a 6 month / 6000 mile warranty (the best used vehicle warranty in Alabama). Vehicle History Reports are readily available on our website (click the AUTO CHECK button on one of our vehicle's inventory page) to view ca report. Also a copy of the report may be found in each of our vehicles. Pricing and financing are very transparent as well, with the pricing and warranty information posted on every vehicle. Our FINANCING page has information about payment plan options as well as a payment calculator.

Since so much information is easily acquired (price, financing, warranty...) the major point of anxiety in most car deals, for both the buyer and seller, is the trade in value. We'll make it easy. For a trade estimate you may click on our trade-in​ button, fill in the information, and we will respond with an estimate. If the estimate sounds reasonable to you, then bring your vehicle by for a fair market value appraisal and we'll make a firm offer.

Technology has changed our business by making information, that once took days or weeks to accumulate, now available in seconds. Our business has adapted to the changing times and conditions of today's marketplace by providing easy access to an abundance of information to prospective buyers of our vehicles. In dealing with Dan Tucker Auto Sales you will discover a buying process that is relaxed, simple, and informative.

Our company motto: Quality, Integrity, Value. Many of you would say "Great slogan, but what does mean?"

Quality - Our commitment concerning our vehicles

At Dan Tucker Auto Sales our market segment is medium priced used / pre-owned cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs costing about one-half or less of a comparable new one. We have sources available to examine hundreds of vehicles weekly to obtain our inventory and we chose only the best quality of those within our defined market. Every vehicle in the Dan Tucker Auto Sales inventory has been carefully chosen and pre-sale inspected. Quality in a pre-owned vehicle is directly related re-conditioning (the process of inspection, repairs, maintenance, and detailing) performed on a vehicle before it is offered for sale. Our pre-sale inspection process allows us to weed out unworthy vehicles and to warrant every vehicle we sell with under 120,000 miles.

Integrity - Our commitment concerning ourselves

A commitment to integrity requires more than lip service. In our case it means you have the opportunity to verify our statements through several independent sources:

  • Auto Check Vehicle History Reports - Our Information Packet, placed inside every vehicle we offer for sale, includes a copy of the full vehicle history report. These reports are also available online through our inventory page at no charge to you.
  • Pre-sale Inspection - We do not inspect our own vehicles, Express Oil Change does. You may see the re-conditioning repair order and speak directly to the mechanic who performed the inspection and any work needed on the vehicle you are considering.
  • NADA Official Used Car Guide Values - Price integrity is important to everyone. In this area we differentiate ourselves from most other dealers. How? By placing a window sticker in each vehicle with the price on it! The great majority of auto dealers have no price on their vehicles leaving them free to quote highest price they think you will pay. Also, our window sticker clearly displays the NADA Average Retail Value of the vehicle so you can determine for yourself whether or not our price is competitive.
  • The Dan Tucker Auto Sales Information Packet - The Information Packet includes an Auto Check History Report, and an NADA Summary Value Report showing the Average Loan, Average Trade, and Average Retail values so you speak intelligently to your lender concerning the value of a vehicle you wish to purchase. The NADA Used Car Guide is by far the most commonly accepted value book by lenders in Alabama and most of the South. We also include a pamphlet published by the National Independent Auto Dealers Association entitled "10 Keys To Buying A Used Car."
  • Independent Inspection - We have an open policy concerning vehicle inspections. You may have any vehicle we offer for sale inspected by the mechanic of your choice.

At Dan Tucker Auto Sales integrity is the willingness to have our words, vehicles, and policies examined by independent sources. An internal commitment with external benefits.

Value - The natural result of combining quality and integrity